Airtight cuffs for optimum air circulation

Air quality has been a priority in hospitals and laboratories for decades, but in other public spaces such as nursing homes and schools, it has long been neglected. Wherever several people congregate, air exchange is of the utmost importance. for the visitor, but also for the proprietor.

In addition to hygiene, fire safety and energy efficiency also play an important role when choosing the right air treatment system. Our flexible connections with stainless steel and steel flanges, fit flawlessly to air duct profile DW 20 and 30 mm and all comply standard to air tightness class LUKA-C.

The fit ensures that there are no gaps and edges where dirt can accumulate and by making the system airtight the filtered air stays clean. After all, if nothing can get out, nothing can get in. This makes the system energy efficient. The cuffs can be made from materials that meet fire protection standards DIN 4102 - B1 and B2.

Always tailored to your needs

There is a solution for every system; cuffs can be made in gradient models, LUKA-D airtightness class, fire standards DIN 4102-A1 and A2 and materials can be chosen that impart extra properties to the system such as, for example, bacteria-inhibiting materials to prevent the growth of fungi and bacteria, making them extremely suitable for laboratories and care institutions.

Airtight cuffs

Extensive possibilities

Besides the metal and stainless steel flange profiles, aluminium flange profiles are of course also available.

The 30mm aluminium profile fits seamlessly to the DW 30 duct profile.

The 40mm aluminium profile is ideal for all other connections.

In these aluminium flanges, a wide variety of materials can be applied, fire resistant, air tight, hygienic, and in a wide range of colours.


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