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As of 1 January 2017, we are the Dutch representative of the German screening specialist Bückmann. "We both find quality and customer satisfaction very important and our activities literally and figuratively fit together nicely", says our director Walter van Loon.

We came into contact with director Bernard Bückmann at the beginning of 2016 when he was looking for airtight plastic sleeves for a customer. In the search for a producer who could deliver the required quality, Bückmann came to us. "The first contacts were very pleasant. Euro Manchetten immediately went to see the client and came up with an excellent solution. It clicked very well between us."

Soon Van Loon and Bückmann came to the conclusion that it would be good for both companies if Bückmann would sell the products of subsidiary Filcoflex in Germany. We signed the agreement for this in April 2016 at the Powtech in Nuremberg.

Logical cooperation

Van Loon points out that, like Euro Manchetten, Bückmann is a medium-sized family business that operates internationally. "We have the same vision when it comes to quality and customer satisfaction. When you consider that our activities also fit nicely together, it is logical that we strengthen our cooperation."

Specialist marriage

"We are both specialists in our field, so we can complement each other. We both have big names as customers in the food sector, so quality and reliability are very important," continues Bückmann. During the cooperation it soon became clear that we often serve the same customers. "Cuffs and a sieve, that's almost a marriage. We have been selling the products of Euro Manchetten for six months now and we have immediately exceeded our sales target. The products clearly meet the needs of our customers."

The expert when it comes to sieving

Van Loon had been looking for high-quality sieve cuffs for some time, and has visited Bückmann several times. The company has far-reaching expertise when it comes to sieve cuffs, but also in the field of screen cloth, plastic or metal screens and complete sieve frames. The company also produces special versions such as Atex.

Larger assortment

With Bückmann in the package we now offer a wide range of screening cloths and screening decks and extensive service in the field of screening. Production and stretching will remain in Germany and Belgium. Customers who already have a Bückmann account in the Netherlands can continue to order there if they wish.

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