5 Cons of using double-layer editions of flexible connectors:

  1. Electrostatic charging occurs through two moving layers
  2. Dust accumulation between the layers
  3. Unhygienic, hollow space does not conform to EHDGE and cleanability is minimal
  4. Assembly is more complicated, which increases the risk of errors
  5. Service life is shortened by the moving layers that rub against each other and consequently cause corrosion

Double-layer flexible connectors are regularly used to prevent explosions when processing hazardous flammable substances. The reason for this approach: double layers supposedly reduce the risk of flammable substances spreading into the air. However, this assumption is incorrect. In fact, ​​safety and hygiene risks only increase when using double layers.

Certain things are highly dependent on the materials you choose and we are happy to advise you on the right applications.