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Indoor climate refers to the state of temperature, air velocity, humidity and air quality relative to pollution. In recent years, the importance of good air climate has received increasing attention.

There are various laws and standards that define optimal air climate, and which must be complied with. Especially in schools, offices and care centres, an optimal indoor climate has many advantages. For example, good air quality affects not only the recovery process, but labour productivity and absenteeism. This has major consequences for staff and healthcare costs.

In addition, temperature levels and ventilation can contribute to increased hygiene, as is required in cold stores and meat and vegetable processing departments or laboratories, for example.

The indoor climate in the immediate surroundings therefore deserves to be given a great deal of attention.

If large rooms need to be cooled, heated or ventilated, these hoses can be supplied with micro-perforations or steam openings. A so-called induction hose provides an air inflow at high speed, powerfully mixing the inflow of air with the ambient air.

The result is a high induction rate compared to the primary air volume flow rate and excellent air ventilation and distribution.
It is also possible to specify a material that is impermeable to air, and which has a dirt-repellent coating that minimizes maintenance.

For operating theatres, laboratories and cleanrooms, hoses can be manufactured in a special bactericidal material.

Advantages of distribution hoses:

  • Prevention of condensation
  • Easy to assemble – even after the construction phase and during renovations
  • Hygienic – easy and cost-effective to clean
  • Blends in with the interior
  • Efficient energy consumption
  • Low installation weight
  • Silent air distribution
  • Fireproof in accordance with standards

The air distribution hose, made of woven textile, delivers the air into the room to be air-conditioned at a very low speed (<0.1m/s) through millions of tiny pores. The air intake replaces the polluted air, thereby ensuring an optimal exchange of air.

Due to the low inflow speed, this system is extremely suitable for use in cold stores and meat and vegetable processing departments where a low temperature level and a high ventilation rate are of great importance.

More and more people are looking at how optimal climate control can be achieved with maximum comfort and minimum energy loss.

Euro Manchetten & Compensatoren has software that allows for the production of double-curved or tapered diameter products, in addition to conventional versions. The Organic Shape Design programme enables us to configure various flow-optimised design shapes.

Less resistance

The fewer vortices in the airflow, the better and more economical the ventilation. In order to minimise the resistance caused by vortices, it is better to use round ducts. A round shape with smooth transitions will ensure a linear movement of the airflow. Furthermore, the use of more organic and smooth transitions promotes a more even flow of the ventilation air.

Prevention of draughts

The lower air resistance reduces the air velocity required for a comfortable indoor climate. This has a positive effect on preventing draughts, which are usually caused by the inflow of fresh air.

Lower noise level

A lower airflow and the use of smaller fans in combination with textile ducts also reduces the noise levels. The noise factor makes an important contribution to a comfortable indoor climate.

Reduced energy consumption through organic, flowing design

Round and organic transitions have better aerodynamic properties, reducing energy consumption.

Reducing the build-up of dirt

The accumulation of dirt occurs mainly in blind spots and in sharp transitions of air ducts. It has a negative effect on the quality of the ventilation air, and results in a reduction in the system’s capacity. With Organic Shape Design, these ventilation disadvantages are avoided.

Lower cleaning costs

Textile air distribution hoses are easy to clean with a view to hygiene standards and guidelines. The hoses are pushed out of the hanging rail and washed by a specialist company.


  • More attractive interior
  • Less resistance
  • Prevention of draughts
  • Lower noise level
  • Lower energy consumption
  • Reduction of dirt accumulation
  • Lower cleaning costs

All air distribution hoses are manufactured on a project basis and are therefore always made to measure.

The hoses are completely round, semicircular, quarterround or reduced in height. Different fitting systems can be used, so that each system can be freely suspended, directly against the ceiling or even installed vertically. For each situation, we advise on the right hose and material for the best solution.

Different fitting systems can be used, so that each system can be freely suspended, directly against the ceiling or even installed vertically.

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