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Air filtration

Good air filtration is a matter of life and death for both humans and animals. Clean air ensures good health and prevents or reduces health problems such as allergies. Furthermore, clean air is essential in critical environments, for example laboratories, operating theatres, clean rooms and pharmaceutical production processes.



Thanks to the growing awareness into the importance of a clean working environment, air filtration is playing an increasingly important role in the production process.

Because the requirements for clean air are becoming more rigorous, and an increasing number of people are experiencing health problems as a result of breathing in particulates, the requirements regarding air filters for mechanical ventilation and air treatment systems are becoming increasingly stringent.


In addition to our range of air treatment and climate control products, Euro Manchetten also supplies air filters of many types and sizes and in every required class of filter.

Because quality and customer-oriented thinking are priorities for Euro Manchetten, we also supply filters that comply with the applicable quality requirements.

Filter cloth

Synthetic filter cloth is often used as a pre-filter in many different types of air treatment systems. The filter cloth is available in different variants of filtration efficiency and thickness. We supply two different types of filter cloth:

  • Synthetic filter cloth (per roll or cut to size)
  • PPI filter material

The latter is a black, foamed filter medium that is cleanable to some extent. The filter classes range from G1 to M6, depending on the type of filter cloth.


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