Air conditioning


Our air ventilation system with an airsock, i.e. an air distribution hose, is revolutionary. The ever-increasing international demands made on our working climate and the associated air treatment has resulted in the development of textile air ducts. The Euro Manchetten porous, displacement air distribution hose, made from woven fabric, delivers air through millions of tiny pores into the space to be air conditioned. This cooler air displaces the contaminated air present, thus providing maximum freshness and a draught-free working environment.

If large rooms need to be cooled, heated or ventilated, you should choose our airsocks with induction: perforated hoses. An air distribution hose with induction has a custom perforation pattern along its entire length. This ensures that the air blown in at high speed is intensively mixed with the air in the room.

If an existing air duct has angled connections, these will be points where a lot of vortex is created. Have Euro Manchetten manufacture a customised alternative for this in its workshop, which will result in a more even distribution of air. This will allow you to use a lower wattage fan, making it a more energy efficient system. It also reduces noise. With our method of air treatment, you can kill several birds with one stone!


Euro Manchetten has been active in the field of flexible connections and air treatment processes for over 30 years. During that time, we have developed into a leading manufacturer both at home and abroad. Our specialism is in finding suitable solutions for all our clients. After all, every company and every situation is different. With our knowledge and experience of technology and materials, combined with a modern production facility, we are the perfect partner.

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Good air treatment is literally of vital importance to any organisation. Whether this is to allow staff to work under ideal conditions or to allow equipment to function optimally; ultimately it is about their long-term commitment. The air quality on the shop floor has a major influence on the health and productivity of employees. It makes no difference whether it is an office or a sawmill. At Euro Manchetten we recognise the essential value of air treatment. Because we deliver tailor-made solutions, we are able to cater for all applications.


More than 30 years active in the field of flexible connections and air technology and internationally active as a leading producer.


Disposal of a number of unique (cutting) techniques, of which we are the only one in theNetherlands who can successfully implement these techniques.


Extremely flexible: we offer suitable solutions for specific tailor-made work and for any last-minute emergency work.