Airsocks: dé oplossing voor luchtverversing en -koeling

Airsocks are the ideal solution for making rooms draught-free. Spaces where airsocks are often used are for example laboratories, discotheques, schools, clean rooms, hospitals and kitchens. Another common reason for choosing airsocks is when air needs to be homogenously distributed in a large space. Examples of such areas are gyms and gyms. Euro Manchetten & Compensators has come up with a revolutionary system in the area of air ventilation: the airsock. Whether the air in a room needs to be refreshed, cooled, heated or ventilated, our "air distribution hose" makes any conceivable solution possible. And all that for a price that will pleasantly surprise you.

4 redenen om te kiezen voor airsocks

One system for refreshing, cooling, heating and ventilate. We would like to introduce you to airsocks. In recent years, we have customised airsocks for all kinds of companies. If you opt for airsocks, you will benefit from the following advantages:

  • Energy efficient way of air exchange
  • Optimal air distribution
  • Available in various shapes, colours and sizes
  • Remote controlled

Laat uw airsocks op maat maken

We are known as a leading producer both at home and abroad. Our specialism is the customization that we provide with our own machines and production facilities. Also in the field of airsocks. In a combination of consultation with the client and our knowledge and experience in the field of technology and materials, there is always a optimal application uit de bus. Neem gerust contact met ons op en laat de airsocks op maat maken. Wij zijn te bereiken via het telefoonnummer 0416 – 28 62 40 of vul ons online contactformulier in.

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If large rooms need to be ventilated, cooled or heated, the perforated airsock offers a solution. This induction hose has a custom perforation pattern along its entire length. The air blown in at high speed is thus strongly mixed with the air in the room. This results in an excellent air exchange and distribution. The fabric of the hose is also impermeable to air and has a dirt-resistant coating. You have this air distribution hose therefore little maintenance.


If you are looking to displace contaminated air in your building, ask for the porous airsock from Euro Manchetten. This distribution tube, made of woven textile, transports the air through millions of minuscule 'pores' into the room in question at a very low speed. The cooler air displaces the polluted air and thus provides optimum air exchange, combined with a draught-free working environment. Due to its low inlet speed, this system is very suitable for use in cold storage areas and meat and vegetable processing departments. Both a low temperature and strong ventilation are of great importance.

In over 30 years Euro Manchetten in Kaatsheuvel has earned its spurs in the field of air technology and flexible connections for installations. Products such as our textile air ducts can be found in important sectors such as climate control, energy, installation technology, pharmaceuticals & chemistry and dairy. Innovation is our trademark; for example, the increasingly stringent requirements imposed on the climate in the working environment have led to the development of the air sock. We offer you a wide choice in this respect.


More than 30 years active in the field of flexible connections and air technology and internationally active as a leading producer.


Disposal of a number of unique (cutting) techniques, of which we are the only one in theNetherlands who can successfully implement these techniques.


Extremely flexible: we offer suitable solutions for specific tailor-made work and for any last-minute emergency work.