Range of Weighing Bellows Extended

For dust-free loading of bulk materials, a flexible cuff is used in weighing and dosing equipment to create a tight connection.

In addition to the more traditional bellows, there are now a number of new options for flexible connections which all comply with ECC 1935/2004 and FDA guidelines. This makes weighing and dosing even easier and safer.

As a first innovation, all original Euro Manchetten bellows feature a part number in the connection collar, allowing for traceability of each item and ensuring compliance with important food safety standards. These new versions are also more flexible and have a smoother surface and higher finish quality.

In addition, the existing black antistatic bellows is now also food grade according to FDA and EC1935/2004 guidelines, the flexibility has been improved and the material is now also electrostatically conductive.

Because pressure is an important factor in the weighing process, the range of fabric cuffs has been expanded to include a cuff made from breathable material. This material is extremely flexible and has no fixed shape, no adjusting force and therefore no influence on the weighing result.

Because the material is breathable, overpressure or underpressure cannot build up quickly. Moreover, PTFE, the fabric in question, is much easier to clean than classic cotton or polyester fabric. By using thermal forming, there is now the possibility to make all kinds of Polyurethane bellows in small quantities. Where previously bellows could only be produced from 50 pieces upwards, nowadays every version, length and diameter can be realised from 1 to 10 pieces.

We also make a lot of use of a thinner Polyurethane which can be used for a cylindrical cuff as well as for a bellows shape, thus creating a completely smooth flow profile. This can be produced individually in every size and model. This makes this bellows widely applicable and offers a solution where standard solutions are not sufficient.


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