If your company has moving installation parts that need to be connected with each other, a sleeve connection from Euro Manchetten & Compensators is ideal. This connection prevents or reduces the transmission of vibrations and noise. It also prevents damage to piping and metal fatigue.


In addition to compensating for vibrations and noise, they also make flexible cuffs The assembly of equipment and piping is made easier. We can customize any sleeve connection for you, so it is sure to fit your piping or machine perfectly. We have over thirty years of experience in the production of flexible connections. Because of this, and our extensive automation and knowledge of materials and their processing, we can supply customised solutions for a wide range of industries. Our specialist cuffs can be ordered individually or in small series, always at competitive prices.


We are a leader in flexible connectionsboth nationally and internationally. With our expertise, we always provide appropriate solutions for customers. After all, every company and every set-up of installations is different. Through our innovative techniquesWith our high-quality materials and experienced staff, we provide every company with the perfect cuffs. Are you interested in our services? Or do you still doubt whether a cufflink is the right solution for you? Then get in touch with us via the online contact form. We will then give you personal advice.

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At Euro Manchetten we know exactly what we are talking about. We carefully examine whether moving parts of an installation will benefit from a cuff connection or from fabric, rubber or metal expansion joints. Depending on various factors such as temperature, pressure and the nature of the movement, we decide which connection to choose. Because a sleeve can accommodate both axial and lateral movement, fasteners that are out of alignment can be connected easily, durably and inexpensively.

When coupling two different pipe diameters, we recommend the use of a gradient cuff. Depending on the diameter, a range of techniques can be used to produce this. Using the most modern production techniques Euro Manchetten is able to make a cuff as flexible as possible. Moreover, these joints are available in various types of material, such as silicone and polyurethane (pur or pu), as well as flexible PVC.


More than 30 years active in the field of flexible connections and air technology and internationally active as a leading producer.


Disposal of a number of unique (cutting) techniques, of which we are the only one in theNetherlands who can successfully implement these techniques.


Extremely flexible: we offer suitable solutions for specific tailor-made work and for any last-minute emergency work.