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Dust Filtering

A special category in filtration is dust control. Euro Manchetten filters for dusty environments consist of single or multiple layers. High efficiency and high filtration performances are achieved by using the correct types of felt, and a maximum filter surface area can be reached, thanks to various designs. We offer numerous dust filtration solutions.


Scope of application

For specific applications, the dedusting materials receive suitable post-treatment, such as:

  • Antistatic treatment: for fine and explosive substances
  • Flame-retardant treatment: for applications where hot particles are present
  • Anti-hydraulic treatment: to combat humidity and resulting clogging, roughness and deterioration
  • Opticatch treatment: smooth top layer for increased efficiency and resistance to clogging and wear, in cases where large concentrations of fine particulates and emissions occur.

Filter bags, filter hoses & filter envelopes

Filter bags can be found in virtually all industries. From the paint industry to the food and automotive industries. Where previously more expensive filtration systems were required, nowadays a filter bag is cost effective and easy to use. And all of these are of excellent quality. At Euro Manchetten, we manufacture customised filter bags, hoses and envelopes for every industry and every application in our own factory.

By keeping abreast of the latest materials and developments in our production techniques, we can provide a wide range of fabric filtration options. In addition to the well-known cotton filter bags, envelopes and hoses, we also produce filter bags made of polyester and polypropylene needle felt, as well as aramid needle felt with special coatings.

Bag filters

Bag filters are often used in air conditioning and ventilation systems. They are available in all standard sizes and filter classes (G1 – F9), but can also be custom made. Depending on your process, you can choose between fibreglass or synthetic bag filters.
Furthermore, we supply hybrid bag filters with a filter cloth, which is a combination of a glass fibre and a synthetic medium.

Compact filter

If there is limited space available for a filter, a compact filter can offer a solution. By applying a large number of mini pleats, a very large filter area is achieved, so that filtering can still be carried out efficiently. Compact filters are supplied in glass fibre as standard, but are also available in synthetic materials. The filter frame is usually made of plastic, since this provides an optimal seal in the frame. However, they can also be produced in wood, metal or stainless steel.

Materials & Coatings

A variety of filter materials are used for filtration. For specific applications, the material for dedusting products is given a suitable post-treatment. 

A brief summary: Polyester fibres, Nomex, Rayton, P48, Polypropylene, Acrylic, Aramyde with a wide range of finishes, such as: 

  • Teflon coating
  • Water and oil repellent coating
  • Flame retardant coating
  • Antistatic coating
  • Hydrolysis coating
  • Non-stick treatment

In order to improve filtration, the materials can undergo various different treatments.

  • Calendering: hot rollers are used to heat and press the material on one or both sides. This affects the surface, reducing air permeability and improving dust filtration.   
  • Lamination: needle felt with a PTFE membrane to ensure extremely fine filtration and thorough cleaning of the filter surface.
  • Nanotechnology: a treatment which gives the filter material self-cleaning properties. This also extends its service life.
  • C.I.P. filter material undergoes a special treatment for food applications. An FDA-EC 1935 certification with a declaration of conformity can then be issued.
  • High-temperature resistant filters, mainly polyimide P84 or PTFE fabric with PTFE needle felt or PTFE laminate.

In addition, the BIA standard is used to determine the filtration during operational conditions. National emission regulations also provide the information necessary for selecting the appropriate filter.

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