Fabric expansion joint

A fabric expansion joint is the ideal solution for connecting moving parts under extreme conditions. Our expansion joints are capable of absorbing axial, lateral and angular movements in the pipeline network caused by thermal and mechanical processes.

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Our fabric expansion joints are mainly used in the food industry. That’s also what we specialise in. With our fabric expansion joints you have a perfect solution for the combination of temperature, movements, medium and especially the requirements of food safety. Almost 20 years ago, we used our first fabric expansion joints at a customer who fries potatoes, fries and similar products on an industrial scale. Our fabric expansion joint can withstand such aggressive conditions.

In another area, the expansion joints are made of special glass fabric with PTFE. We know the properties of this material like no other and apply it to many of our products.

Fabric expansion joints also come in handy when baking bricks, tiles and similar products.

Knowledge and experience

At Euro Manchetten we are regularly asked to give advice about a particular fabric expansion joint. It is precisely because of our knowledge of materials in a very broad area that we are able to respond to these requests.

Thanks to our broad customer base, our products are used in all climatic areas, from gas plants in Siberia to oil stations in the Middle East. Wherever your needs lie, we ensure that you get a quality product.

Custom solutions

A fabric expansion joint is assembled according to the operating conditions. The composition of the medium, internal and external pressure, the temperature, the nature of the movements to be absorbed and climatic conditions are all taken into account.

The above factors result in a tailor-made solution for the problem you face as a customer. We have the right product for every business environment and every problem.


A wide range of technical fabrics provides enormous flexibility and excellent thermal insulation. Further advantages of our fabric expansion joint:

✓ Available in all sizes
✓ Optimal vibration damping
✓ Excellent sound insulation
✓ Easy assembly
✓ Good applicability at high temperatures


Different types of fabrics can be used. Which tissue is best suited to your specific circumstances depends on a number of circumstances. We will be happy to advise you on this.

Download the complete materials table for an overview of the options and their specifications.

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