Custom made flexible connectors

Flexible connectors form a transition between fixed and movable sections of the pipeline network to accommodate movements in axial, lateral or angular directions. The range of applications is endless and, thanks to the use of modern materials and production techniques, can offer a solution for almost every industrial situation.

The range of applications for flexible connections, such as expanding joints or bellows are numerous, and the operating conditions can also vary greatly. As a result, customisation is a necessary solution. Euro Manchetten offers these solutions in a wide range of designs and different options, in terms of dimensions and the range of materials. This is how we are able to create the most diverse, custom-made solutions.

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Custom-made solutions

Thanks to years of experience, extensive automation, knowledge and processing of materials, we are able to deliver custom solutions. Specialisation is available from single items to small batches, at competitive prices.

Thanks to innovations based on market demands and requirements, new products are being developed that can be deployed immediately.

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Special versions

Euro Manchetten flexible connections are also available in special versions. These special versions are usually intended for specific applications. This is why we always customise the flexible connections based on the information we receive from the customer.
These special versions may, among other features, be resistant to specific chemicals and extreme temperatures. Imagine, for example, connection sleeves for vehicles such as crash tenders, fire engines, horse transporters or wall ducts for ducting air through walls, floors and ceilings.

The number of options in the field of flexible connections is enormous. All these variations in dimensions and shape can be supplied quickly.


Euro Manchetten use extremely varied materials for their flexible connections. From simple cotton and leather to high-quality fabrics such as nylon, polyester and aramid. Due to their plastic coatings (including PE, PVC, polyurethane (pu) and almost all types of rubber), these materials are suitable for a wide range of operating conditions.
Whatever the circumstances, if you need a flexible connection, it can be custom made for you!

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Download the detailed materials table here. 

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