Folding bellows

A folding bellows is the perfect product for protecting a sensitive and expensive machine part against harmful external influences. At Euro Manchetten & Compensatoren we sell various folding bellows that we can also make to measure. This means you are guaranteed to get a bellows that fits perfectly on your machine and offers optimal protection.



A bellows is often used to protect or shield moving parts, such as springs, telescopic arms, shafts and cylinders. This way the quality of your machine is maintained and maintenance and repair costs are reduced. In addition, a folding bellows protects your employees against damage to or entrapment of body parts. In this way, industrial accidents can be prevented. We supply different types of folding bellows of various flexible materials. Silicone bellows are part of our product range, as well as folding bellows made of Platilon, PVC and rubber. Customisation is our main focus and through our innovative production techniques we produce the bellows that meet all your requirements.

Types and materials

Depending on the application, a folding bellows can be made of various flexible materials and in various forms. A number of examples are given below:

  • Product carrying folding bellows / bellows for foodstuffs are available in Platilon, a transparent polyurethane (PU), among other materials.
  • A folding bellows for other powders and granulates is available in reinforced PVC, various types of rubber or polyurethane (PU).
  • Special versions include hard PVC or metal-reinforced folding bellows, open rectangular folding bellows, concertina bellows made of semi-flexible or hard material and telescopic models.

Custom solutions

Customisation is central to our folding bellows. All our bellows are produced according to your wishes and specifications. Because we are an expert in the production of bellows, we always provide you with appropriate advice.

There are different categories of folding bellows such as protective bellows, folding bellows, concertina bellows and slats.


We have been producing flexible connections for more than thirty years. We can therefore give you excellent advice about these products and are happy to give you personal advice. If you have any questions about our folding bellows or if you would like to place an order, please send us a message via our online contact form. We will gladly provide you with all necessary information.

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