Focus on customer needs for a new website

How can you best connect your machines to each other? To make it easier to answer this main question, the sharing of knowledge is central on the renewed website of Euro Manchetten & Compensators. Our cooperation with online partner TwoStep made it possible to present our innovative solutions in a clear way.


The technical background to our cuffs and expansion joints can be quite complex. But those who visit our website are not looking for a complicated story. The average visitor just wants a solution to his or her problem.

Acquiring knowledge

Our customers can now discover in a few minutes which solutions we have for their problems. For example, website visitors will quickly learn how to prevent heat transfer between two machines that are connected.

Isolating vibrations

Is it not possible for the vibrations of one machine to be transferred to another, but do products need to flow from one to the other? Our website shows which innovative solutions we have developed for this.

Space for further training

"Because we now have a nicely organized website, there is room to add Case Studies and Themes. This allows us to educate our visitors about the various challenges our clients face," says Andrea Van Loon, marketing executive at Euro Manchetten.

"We also provide insight into the legislation and risks in the various sectors and the innovations that are available. Ultimately, we want to be able to achieve better and better solutions for our customers, and the availability of the right information is key in this respect," says Van Loon.

About TwoStep

Last year we already started a cooperation with TwoStep and we liked it so much that we decided to work with them for the realisation of a new website.

Dirksen: "Through good market research we were able to set up the right navigation structure for the website. Then, through proper consultation, a design was realized that perfectly matched the new corporate identity that Euro Manchetten was going to maintain."

"For the new website of Euro Manchetten we carried out thorough research and together we determined in various spar-sessions how we would design the website. This had never been done before for the website of Euro Manchetten. A different approach, which Two Step always uses.

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