Knowledge event: Explosion Safety in Dairy Industry

On January 24, 2019, Euro Manchetten & Compensatoren, VDL Industrial Products and Filcoflex will be partnering for the first time to organize the “Explosion Safety in the Dairy Industry” knowledge event.

During this event, which is being organized for the experts in the processing component of the dairy industry, a number of experts from companies such as Inburex consulting and ATEX Explosionschutz will be guest speakers. Practical examples will be used to address various topics in the field of safety and hygiene during short presentations.

Among the speakers are Dr. Bernd Broeckmann, Dr. Franz Alfert and Gerard van Laar.

Topics that will be discussed in more detail are; static discharge and the dangers of silos and filters, the layer-over-layer phenomenon in storage silos, complying with the standard requirements when testing of product samples, dew point measurements and the latest developments in the field of CO detection, the legal framework for spray dryers in accordance with European VDI 2263-7 regulations and testing for explosion protection.

In between the presentations and after the event there will be panels in which speakers will be taking questions from the audience. After this there will be opportunities to network.

Given the limited space, participation is invitation based. Didn’t receive an invitation but still want to participate? Contact for a spot on the reservation list.