Loading bellows

Loading bellows are often used in the transport industry to create a connection for the dust-free loading of bulk goods such as powders and granulates. In this way, goods can be transported safely through pipes and there is little or no pollution and waste.

If you are looking for loading bellows, Euro Manchetten & Compensatoren has just what you’re looking for! We have been active in the field of flexible connections and air technology for more than thirty years. All our loading bellows are of the highest quality and meet all hygiene and safety requirements.



Loading bellows are often used in the transport industry. They are ideal for the efficient loading of dry, dusty bulk goods in closed trucks. If you are transporting bulk goods, such as powders and granulates, you can use a loading bellows to create an excellent connection for the dust-free loading of these goods. Since all our loading bellows are equipped with internal cones, we can assure you that the material flow is always excellent. We can supply you with loading bellows in stitched or welded versions. We can also provide each loading bellows with support rings, spacers and couplings. Thanks to our innovative production techniques, we are also able to make customised connections. This way you can be sure that your loading bellows fully meet your requirements.


Euro Manchetten loading bellows are available in a stitched or welded version, with support rings, spacers, couplings and custom-made connections. We offer a wide choice of materials: wear-resistant, chemical and temperature-resistant, ATEX, FDA, and ECC certified.


The flanges are available in stainless steel 304 (1.4301) and stainless steel 316 (1.4571). The flexible part can be made of a selection of materials that are antistatic, electrostatically conductive and food safe.

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Because many loading bellows are used in the food, feed or pharmaceutical industries, the loading bellows must meet the highest food safety requirements according to the FDA and ECC guidelines. In order to comply with these standards, all of our materials have been specially developed and extensively tested by accredited institutes.

Migration test reports can be provided on request. Pressure and explosion tests can be carried out on each loading bellows. Because we have our own test facilities and experts in the field of quality management, we can guarantee the highest quality.


In order to be able to assume full responsibility in the supply chain, we have a traceability programme for our materials. This allows us to guarantee that all materials have been extensively tested and comply with the quality marks.

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