Metal expansion joints

In industrial applications, flexible connections in piping systems and equipment often consist of metal expansion joints. This is because other expansion joints are no longer sufficient under extreme conditions. For these applications, the metal expansion joints of Euro Manchetten are the ideal solution. Our expansion joints are used in pipelines or between devices and pipelines to absorb and compensate for movements.

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Safety standards

Due to rapid technological developments, metal expansion joints must also be suitable for use in very extreme conditions such as extremely high and low temperatures. That is why it is very important that the expansion joints comply with the strictest safety standards.

This is guaranteed by, among other things, specific standards, the use of certified equipment, the performance of final checks, official approvals and standardised calculation methods. In this way you are always assured of a product that meets the strictest safety requirements.


Our standard metal expansion joints are equipped with weld ends or rotating flanges. Where required, tie rods, hinge or cardan joints and protective covers are used.

Rectangular metal expansion joints and thick-walled welded expansion joints for equipment construction are part of the extensive Euro Manchetten range. The normal size range of our metal expansion joints is from DN 15 to DN 6000. Up to DN 12000 can also be provided on request.


We offer a wide range of applicable materials, ranging from carbon steel and austenitic stainless steels to nickel compounds such as Inconel, Incoloy and Hastelloy types or combinations thereof with austenitic steels in multilayer bellows.

Custom solutions

Metal expansion joints are made to measure, which is why they are specially designed for applications. You know better than anyone how the product should function and what the expansion joint is intended to do.

So just tell us what requirements the expansion joint must meet: pressure, temperature, medium, movement, etc. By means of a special calculation programme, we will then calculate the correct design, the suitable materials and lifespan, as well as the price.

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