New series of air ventilation sleeves: saving on energy costs and sustainability

Transporting and handling ventilation air is an important energy expense in the operation of your building. Therefore it is crucial that as little ventilation air as possible gets lost en route to or from ventilated rooms. For this reason Euro Manchetten is introducing its new ventilation sleeves series: LBH-C. These sleeves save you a bundle on energy costs while ensuring the sustainability of your ventilation system.

Various elements influence the energy efficiency of your ventilation system. The most important are: pressure loss, heat recovery, ventilator capacity and air leakage. The last one has a particularly negative effect on the energy efficiency of your ventilation system; a leak of 6 percent results in a 20 percent increase in energy consumption (!). On the other hand, a good airtightness of the ventilation system can save you up to more than 30 percent on your ventilation energy expenses.

Why you should prevent air leakage
Aside from affecting the energy consumption of your ventilation system, air leakage can also lead to a variety of additional complications.

One of those complications is worsening acoustics due to the whistling sound of escaping air. Air leakage also means that your installations have to increase in size and power to make up for the air loss, meaning they have to be rebuilt, which is an extra expense for you. Leaks can also cause malfunctions in the normal operation of your ventilation system. This makes an accurate adjustment of your system impossible, which can cause fluctuations in air volume.
In conclusion, air leaks reduce hygiene and health. The spread of the exhaust air and untreated or unfiltered air is distributed back into the building, which reduces the air quality. The uncontrollable air temperature can further lead to the growth of fungi and bacteria in ventilation ducts.

Maximum airtightness due to LBH-C series
The new air pressure sleeve series from Euro Manchetten, the LBH-C, ensures complete airtightness in your ventilation system. Our product classifies as class C. In practical terms, this means that when applying a test pressure of 1000 Pa, only a maximum of 0.27 liters of ventilation air leaks per second per m2.
In the delivery of this product, we intend to make a structural contribution to reducing leakage losses. Energy consumption, comfort and efficiency in your ventilation systems can be considerably improved using the LBH-C.

LHB-C fits particularly well
A special feature of the sleeve is that it fits on the 30 mm air duct profile used in installation technology. This means that the flange size fits well, which in turn ensures that the product complies with regulations.
The mounting flange is made of aluminum and thanks to an ingenious clamping system, the flexible material is clamped onto it using a rubber sealing strip.

LHB-C: Fire resistant and flexible
The flexible material used for the LBH-C is a polyester fabric with a PVC coating, which is fire-resistant. Due to the fact that a special rubber clamp profile is used, the sleeves can also be made with other flexible materials. There is always a variety of different fire-resistant materials to choose from. There is also a choice of materials that comply with the FDA and EC standards for food safety, are fungicides free, and include antibacterial additives. In addition to different sizes and colors, the sleeves can also be fitted with the flame-retardant Trevira CS or the bactericidal Trevira CS Bioactive.