Induction ventilation

The ever-increasing demands placed on our working environment and the associated air exchange has resulted in the development of textile air ducts over the past few years. Euro Manchetten offers a wide range of air distribution hoses. Our hoses can be divided into two main categories, namely a displacement air distribution hose and an induction air distribution hose.

If large rooms need to be cooled, heated or ventilated, these hoses can be supplied with micro-perforations or steam openings. A so-called induction hose provides an air inflow at high speed, powerfully mixing the inflow of air with the ambient air.

The result is a high induction rate compared to the primary air volume flow rate and excellent air ventilation and distribution. 

It is also possible to specify a material that is impermeable to air, and which has a dirt-repellent coating that minimizes maintenance.

For operating theatres, laboratories and cleanrooms, hoses can be manufactured in a special bactericidal material.

Advantages of distribution hoses:

  • Preventing of condensation
  • Easy to assemble – even after the construction phase and during renovations
  • Hygienic – easy and cost-effective to clean
  • Blends in with the interior
  • Efficient energy consumption
  • Low installation weight
  • Silent air distribution
  • Fireproof in accordance with standards
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