Loading Bellows

Loading bellows are often used in the transport world to create a connection for dust-free loading of bulk goods such as powders and granulates. In this way, goods can be transported safely through pipes and there is little to no pollution or waste.

Are you looking for a loading bellows? Then you have come to the right place at Euro Manchetten & Compensators. We have been active in the field of active connections and air technology for over thirty years. All our bellows are of the highest quality and meet all hygiene and safety requirements.


With our loading bellows you transport bulk goods efficiently, safely and with little or no waste and pollution. Would you like to order a loading bellows from us or would you like more information? Send us a message via our online contact form. We will gladly give you expert advice.

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Besides the loading bellows, we offer other options within the category loading, such as the bag clamp. In the overview below you can see which products we have in stock for loading.