Spray shields

The spray shields of Euro Manchetten are applicable in the transport of liquids through pipes. Where tubes, pipelines and valves are used to transport gases and liquids under pressure, gaskets are used to seal flange connections, among other things. Spray shields or flange guards are sleeves that are applied around the flanges of pipelines. This can be to protect the material, or for faster leak detection using so-called indicative tissue.

Prevent leakage with our spray shields!
Leaks in pipes are life-threatening and can easily occur due to the prevailing pressure, vibrations, wear and/or chemical attack. Sealing a leak is a costly investment and leaks can also cause injury to people or damage to installations. In order to also prevent considerable corrosion, it is advisable to equip pipelines with spray shields. These detect leaks in time so that they can be quickly sealed.

Our spray shields can be divided into two groups, namely:

  • Chemical resistant and indicative spray shields
  • High and low temperature resistant spray shields

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In addition to the spray shields and accessories we also have solutions in piping techniques in the form of folding bellows.