Quick-release flexible Connection

For applications requiring frequent uncoupling, Euro Manchetten has the Filcoflex quick release cuffs in the range. These cuffs are air tight, dust tight and leak proof. The smooth flow profile makes them very suitable for hygienic applications and easy to clean. All these features give the cuffs a longer life span.

Quick couplingCuffs come in two types of welding ferrules: Jacob, KMH, NORO and S&W and Tri-Clamp.

The installation of the Filcoflex flexible connections is easier and faster thanks to the Quick-Connect or Tri-Clamp clamping rings. If necessary for the safety of employees, tool-release, Bolt-Connect clamping rings can also be chosen. For example, if the flexible connection is placed close to a rotary feeder, screw conveyor, butterfly valve, mill or other mechanical equipment.

Because many cuffs are used in the food, feed or pharmaceutical industry they have to meet the highest food safety requirements according to FDA and ECC guidelines. To meet these standards all our materials are specially developed and extensively tested by recognised institutes..

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More than 30 years active in the field of flexible connections and air technology and internationally active as a leading producer.


Disposal of a number of unique (cutting) techniques, of which we are the only one in theNetherlands who can successfully implement these techniques.


Extremely flexible: we offer suitable solutions for specific tailor-made work and for any last-minute emergency work.