Rubber Expansion joints

Almost all installations are subject to movement, which causes tension on the material. In order to prevent this tension, rubber expansion joints are installed in the installations. The highly flexible rubber expansion joints of Euro Manchetten are made of reinforced synthetic rubbers. This makes the expansion joints a widely accepted construction element in many technical installations.

Most suppliers of rubber expansion joints focus mainly on simple applications for large numbers of cheap models. At Euro Manchetten we prefer to focus on special industrial applications. These are always specialist products of high quality in certified models.

Compensatoren rubber


Rubber expansion joints are mainly used in transport pipelines that carry liquids such as water, gases, oils, greases and foodstuffs. A rubber expansion joint is used to absorb vibrations and expansions. This prevents damage to pipes, pumps, valves and machines, giving machines a longer lifespan.

In addition, the use of rubber expansion joints contributes to increasing comfort in the living and working environment and to simplifying assembly work. Vibrations can cause disturbing noises in the living and working environment.

Requirements and guidelines

In order for a rubber expansion joint to function perfectly, it must be carefully installed. Strict requirements and guidelines have been drawn up for this purpose. For example, pressure and temperature limits must not be exceeded. Our products therefore always comply with the strictest safety requirements.

Because they are products that are made with the aid of moulds, their properties are known. This also applies to their service life, suitability and use in certain applications.


In order to produce the expansion joint that meets your requirements, a number of elements must be taken into account. For example, knowledge of the pressure, temperature and the medium of a rubber expansion joint are indispensable elements. The type of movements also plays a role in determining the type of expansion joint.

Finally, the possibilities and limitations in the piping system must be considered. Are there options to build the system in, fixed points and guide points? In short, a lot of information is needed to find the right rubber expansion joint.    


✓ Low maintenance
✓ Long service life
✓ Always customised

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