Rubber seal


As a specialist in flexible connections, we at Euro Manchetten and Compensators know that in certain cases a rubber seal is the ultimate solution. For example, the function of rubber expansion joints is to absorb vibrations and expansions in piping. This not only prevents damage to these pipes, but also to pumps, valves and machines. In addition, they limit vibrations and therefore noise pollution. The use of rubber expansion joints therefore contributes to a higher level of comfort in the working and living environment. They also simplify the assembly work.

Rubber expansion joints are mainly used in transport pipes that carry cold and hot water or, among other things, gases, oils, fats and foodstuffs. We manufacture these highly flexible expansion joints from reinforced synthetic rubbers. This makes them a widely accepted construction element in many technical installations. You will therefore find these rubber seals from Euro Manchetten in the Energy and Pharma & Chemicals sectors. They know that our expansion joints are maintenance-friendly, have a long life span and can be custom-made.


Euro Manchetten has three decades of experience and expertise in flexible connections. We are also an innovative and resourceful partner for air treatment. When it comes to rubber sealing, you can be sure that we will always provide you with a suitable solution. Because of our large customer base we know that every company is different and wants a customized service. Our extensive knowledge of techniques and materials is an excellent asset in this respect.

In addition to rubber seals such as expansion joints, we focus on four other product groups: filter technology, flexible sleeves, bellows and airsocks. We also supply complementary products and accessories. By constantly searching for the newest technologies, we have grown to the company we are today. What has never changed is our service and quality. You can judge us on that!

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We can guarantee the latter because we have our own production facilities for this type of customised work at our office in Kaatsheuvel. Rubber is also the ideal base for many other applications besides expansion joints. Euro Manchetten works with various moulding techniques such as extrusion and vulcanisation. As a result, the possibilities for manufacturing different shapes are almost endless.

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More than 30 years active in the field of flexible connections and air technology and internationally active as a leading producer.


Disposal of a number of unique (cutting) techniques, of which we are the only one in theNetherlands who can successfully implement these techniques.


Extremely flexible: we offer suitable solutions for specific tailor-made work and for any last-minute emergency work.