Silicone bellows

One of the many flexible connections that Euro Manchetten offers is the silicone bellows. These bellows are moulded and therefore completely seamless, which increases the flexibility and also the strength that the joint can withstand. The bellows are suitable for a wide range of general use, such as the flexible connection of supply and discharge pipes to barrels of weighing cells, mixers, dosing devices or similar applications.

Our silicone bellows are always FDA and ECC certified, which means that they can also be used in the food industry. Particularly in the food industry, people work with strict safety requirements. It is no coincidence that our silicone bellows meet the most stringent requirements.

Silicone bellow_transparant-wit


Due to their extreme flexibility, silicone bellows provide hardly any reactive force, so that they do not influence the weighing. They are highly resistant to chemicals, high temperatures and ageing.

In addition, the bellows attenuate the transmission of vibrations and noise. These connections are available in a standard length of 90 mm and in various diameters ranging from Ø 40 mm to Ø 350 mm. Because of this you will always find the right size of silicone bellows.


The silicone bellows are designed to work with two different types of materials. For fine powders, a statically conductive rubber can be chosen. If the bellows come into contact with food, transparent silicone FDA and ECC certified rubber is preferred.

Material Static conductive silicone rubber 1 mm Transparent silicone rubber 1 mm
 Colour  Black Transparent milky white
Temperature range  -40°C to +200°C  -30°C to +200°C
Characteristics Statically conductive to 10⁶ ?
FDA & ECC certified
 FDA & ECC certified

Custom solutions

We have our own moulds for making silicone bellows and prescribe the type of material from which it is to be made. Products that need to be food-safe are always produced with suitable raw materials. On request we can even have the material tested for you at TNO, Triskelion, INBUREX or other authorising institutions.

Standard sizes

Our standard sizes in mm
Our standard sizes in inches
50,8 mm 2 inch
63,5 mm 2,5 inch
76,2 mm 3 inch
101,6 mm 4 inch
114,3 mm 4,5 inch
139,7 mm 5,5 inch
152,4 mm 6 inch
203,2 mm 8 inch
254 mm 10 Inch
304,8 mm 12 Inch
355,6 mm 14 inch

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