At Euro Manchetten & Compensatoren, it’s not only about the products, but also about the production techniques. Different industries require different techniques. Conversely, industries can also learn from each other. At Euro Manchetten we call this Cross Industry working.

Because we operate in various sectors, we are able to easily identify opportunities. This creates product innovation, which is the result of a deep-rooted curiosity and the urge to experiment. We are always looking for ways to push the boundaries.


Our cutting machines are our showpieces. As far back as 1997, the first Lectra cutting machine was purchased, which was a unique event at that time, because these machines were actually built primarily for the fashion industry. Over the years, new machines have been added to our arsenal, including a laser cutting machine and a vacuum cutting machine. We can proudly say that we are the only company in the Netherlands that has a number of these cutting techniques in-house!

In addition to innovation, we also excel in customization. This is due to the combination of our cutting machines and our welding techniques, which are not fully automated. We are therefore able to produce items individually, and large quantities are not required to make production profitable. An additional advantage is that we can deliver last minute urgent work without a problem. Furthermore, we can experiment with creating new products to our heart’s content, because it’s easy for us to manufacture test products. For hygienic applications, seamless products can also be supplied by using extrusion and vacuum forming.


Research & Development

We also like to use our machines for the product development of third parties. These are sometimes parties from our own industry but they can also be parties from other industries. These parties in particular have interesting knowledge that can be used to improve our own products.
We are happy to use our machines for product development by third parties. These may sometimes be third parties from our own sector, or even from other sectors. It is precisely these third parties that have valuable knowledge which, in turn, can be used to improve our own products. Ultimately, our industry contributes to the optimisation of products that are directly available to the consumer. It is therefore our task to invest in knowledge and technology together with you, so that safer options can become available to the market. Because technology should be available to everyone.

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