Tube protection


For many entrepreneurs, the machinery is the heart of their business. Investing in adequate protective measures, both for the equipment and the employees, is an important part of this. must. Let the pipe protection of Euro Manchetten and Compensators play a vital role in this. We ensure that the risks are reduced to a minimum and that business operations are not easily compromised.


At Euro Manchetten we pride ourselves on providing appropriate solutions. Our in-house production enables us to supply special, customised versions. Deviating sizes of tube protection are no problem for us. Moreover, this enables us to guarantee you short delivery times. Your flange protectors are made according to the standard DIN and ASA norms, but also according to your own specifications. This has the advantage that all your pipes can be provided with the necessary protection.

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Pipes for transporting liquids and fuels, gases or foodstuffs are often one of the most crucial parts of an installation. Not everyone thinks about the fact that a leak can bring the production process to a standstill for a long time. Nevertheless, that risk is lurking, especially at those points where pipes are connected to other pipes, machines, valves or pumps.

The flange connection that is often used for this is, in principle, a fine application, but it is not faultless. A machine in full production is, especially with moving parts, subject to vibrations. With all its consequences! Pipes of interconnected installations that are not aligned are also a weak link. Not to mention the consequences of high pressure, wear and tear or chemical attack (corrosion). All reasons why it is advisable to protect pipes.

With the flange shields of Euro Manchetten the consequences of a failure are nil. Take our spray shields for example. In the unlikely event of a leakage, this pipe protection will detect the fault very quickly. In that case the spray shield shows an eye-catching discoloration, allowing employees to immediately start the emergency procedure. They do not have to open the protector directly for this and can first look for their own protection. It is even possible that the protector forms a reservoir for small amounts of leaking substances. Are you interested in our versatile tube protectors? Then contact Euro Manchetten here for an order or quotation.


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